LDN Talks: The Happiness of Hate

Hate is not regarded as a psychological disorder by the mental health profession. Does this seems strange to you? I believe that our capacity to hate is the absolute definition of madness in humans. In the simplest of terms, humans hating and killing other humans is crazy; it is madness. Hate crimes are punishable by law but hatred itself is perhaps regarded as normal and therefore untreated within the mental health profession.

Depression and anxiety are regarded as the biggest mental health challenges worldwide and are the main focus of psychotherapists and the pharmaceutical industry. However psychotherapy largely ignores the most lethal aspect of our human nature; hate. Hate hypnotises, enthrals and compels us to our own destruction and the death of everything else on the planet.

For psychiatrists and psychotherapists, anorexia is the mental health disorder recognised as having the highest risk of mortality, anorexia kills. However, hate is not listed as a mental health disorder and therefore regarded as normal by psychiatry. Are our mental health professionals oblivious to the mental illness of hatred, a far more prolific killer than any of the eating disorders or other listed mental health disorders?

When we are born, love is not a certainty but hate is guaranteed; others will hate us and we will hate them. We are all destined to be the enemy and have enemies. Can we change this? If not, then we already know the future.

If we want to be mentally tough in this world then we need to confront our own hate and the hatred from others. We spend endless time and energy singing and talking about love when surely our most pressing issue is our hatred.

Please note! This talk will contain strong language and adult themes but also humour.

More info & tickets:
Doors: 7pm Talk starts: 7.30pm

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