LDN Talks: Science of Personality in Animals

LDN Talks @ Night and Funzing are proud to present Jana Uher, who will be sharing insights from her pioneering and award-winning research on personality in animals.

Looking for a new pet? But not just any dog or any cat. Personality matters – also for animals.

But what actually is personality that we can apply this concept also to animals – or are we just projecting human characteristics on other species? You will learn that personality is a broad concept that refers to individual differences that occur in many species but also to individual differences that are uniquely human. This uniqueness is not only a result of our complex brains but especially of our human language.

Jana Uher is a world-leading expert in research on animal personality. She has studied more than 10 nonhuman primate species, among them gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, orangutans and various monkey species in countries all around the globe. She has also been training large-breed dogs for 16 years.

In her research, Jana has developed scientific methods to systematically compare individuals’ observable behaviours with ratings of their personality by human observers. This novel approach provided new insights into the ways in which animal individuals really differ, but also revealed erroneous attributions of all-too-human characteristics. Jana will share insights from her 15 years of research on this topic and many fascinating videos.

Jana obtained a PhD in Psychology before spending 8 years as a scientist at world-renowned universities and research institutions in various countries. Currently, Jana is a Senior Research Fellow at the London School of Economics where she explores the mental processes involved in personality judgements. Her research has received various awards and prizes for its originality and for addressing fundamental research problems.

Venue: 177 Hoxton Street

Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.

Tickets here:

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